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Your favorite easy dessert! Chocolate Cake

Easy recipe for chocolate cake! With chocolate chip cookies and amazing chocolate cream! You make this cookie cake, you try it and you don’t change it! You will not need to visit a patisserie, as this chocolate will be the choice you trust!


1 litre of milk
200 g sugar
100 gr
50 g cocoa
Two vanilla
1 dark petit ber
200 ml heavy cream


Boil the milk with the sugar, corn flour and cocoa.

When they become cream, remove from the heat and season with vanilla.

In a 30×11 cm form we make a layer of chocolate petit four.

Spread 1/3 of the hot cream and cover with extra petit four.

Repeat the process and make sure the last layer is cream.

Cover with cling film and refrigerate for at least 6 hours.

Mix the cold cream in whipped cream and make rosettes.

Sprinkle with crushed biscuit.

Watch the video -recipe step by step: