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The perfect Ograten Eggplant recipe!

A pandemonium of flavors with this Ograten Eggplant recipe! Perfect summer dish that you will enjoy for sure! Try it and tell us if you liked it!


6 aubergines
4 potatoes
Olive oil
150 ml tomato sauce
1 onion
100 g of kefalotyri (cheese)
4 eggs
400 g strained yogurt
100 g yellow cheese


We start our recipe by cleaning and slicing the aubergines and potatoes. Then put the aubergines in water with enough salt for 1 hour to drain.
Then dry them and place them in a pan with non-stick paper. Then add the potatoes and spread a little olive oil, oregano, thyme.

Finally, bake at 200 degrees until soft.

The next step is to make a sauce. So mix the tomato sauce with the fried onion. Then, spread 1/3 of the sauce in a 34×24 cm pan. Immediately after, we make a layer of potatoes and on top of them we put another 1/3 of the sauce and half the kefalotyri.

The next step is to create a layer of aubergines by adding half the aubergines and spreading as much sauce as is left over. Add the rest of the kefalotyri and cover again with the aubergines.

Finally, make the yogurt sauce. We work the eggs with the yogurt and pepper and when it is ready, we spread the mixture over the aubergines, adding the grated yellow cheese.

Bake at 200 degrees until it turns brown.

Watch the step by step recipe in the following video: