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Summer Pie! Simple, humble and very tasty!

Summer Pie

The perfect summer pie with simple ingredients that we have in our kitchen!


half red pepper
half green pepper
half yellow pepper
1 tomato or 6 cherry tomatoes
4 eggs
100 ml olive oil
200 ml milk
300 g flour
1 baking powder
100 g greek feta cheese (white cheese)
150 gr parizaki
3 tbsp ketchup
100 g of parmesan

Summer Pie


We start by cutting the peppers and the parizaki into small cubes. Also, cut the cherry tomatoes in 4 pieces.

Then, take a bowl and add the eggs while mixing them with pepper, salt, olive oil and milk.

Next step, add the flour, baking powder and keep mixing in order to make a nice porridge.

Add the oregano, the chopped olives, the peppers, the cherry tomatoes, the grated feta, the pariza, a little ketchup and mix well to make our mixture homogeneous.

Next step, spread the mixture in an oiled pan 32cm and pour the grated parmesan on top.

Finally, bake at 180 degrees Celsius, until golden brown.

That’s it ! So easy!

Watch the recipe step by step in the video below:

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Good luck!