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Pie with greek feta cheese

Pie with greek feta cheese

Pie with greek feta cheese

An excellent variation of the well-known and traditional greek feta cheese pie. Its soft and fluffy dough will impress you. You may enjoy it all hours of the day. It can also replace bread on your table if you wish!


400 ml of milk
1 dry yeast
900 g flour
2 eggs + 1 egg white
100 ml of oil
200 g strained yogurt
A little salt
50 g butter
Greek FETA cheese (white cheese)

Pie with greek feta cheese


We start our recipe by taking a bowl and pouring the warm milk. Then add the yeast and 3 tablespoons of flour and mix with a whisk until the mixture is homogenous. Finally, leave it for 5 minutes.

Continue taking another bowl and add about half the flour (450 g). Make a hole in the flour and pour the mixture with the yeast, which we made in the previous step. Then gradually incorporate the eggs, oil, yogurt and a little salt. Mix it while slowly adding the rest of the flour until it becomes dough, as shown in the video below. After our dough is ready, we put it in an oiled pan, cover it and leave it for 30 minutes to rest.

When it is ready, shape it slightly and divide it into 4 parts. From each dough part we make a dough sheet (filo) with our hands (watch video). Then, we take each sheet, butter it, spread feta over it and put them on top of each other, as shown in the video.

Then, we make a large sheet from each pair of sheet (from the previous step) and divide it into strips. Turn them over and put them in a buttered 36 cm pan like a snail.

Finally, spread with egg yolk over the pie and bake at 180 degrees until golden brown.

See the implementation of the recipe in the video below:

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