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Amazing Ekmek Kantaifi

Ekmek Kantaifi

See a recipe for a very delicious dessert, that no one can resist its view and taste! A perfect and delicious Ekmek Kantaifi !


For the syrup
400 g sugar
400 ml of water
Two vanilla
Lemon juice

100 g butter
100 ml of seed oil
½ kg kantaifi

For the cream
1 litre of milk
200 g sugar
60 g flour
60 gr corn flour
3 egg yolks
50 g butter
Two vanilla
500 ml heavy whipped cream

Ekmek Kantaifi


We begin by making the syrup. So put the sugar together with the water in a saucepan, and boil for 5 minutes. When the syrup is ready, take it off the heat and flavor it with the vanilla and the lemon juice.

Then take a small bowl and mix the butter (that we have previously melted) with the seed oil.

Then we take a 38×26 cm pan and open and spread the kantaifi very well. After we have spread it all over the pan, we pour the mixture with the butter on top, with the help of a spoon.

Place the pan in the oven and bake at 200 degrees Celcious, until it turns brown.

Once it is ready and while the kadaifi is hot, we pour the warm syrup we made at the beginning and leave it to cool.

Then we make the cream. Take a saucepan and put in half the milk together with the sugar and let them warm up.

Then, in another bowl, add the remaining cold milk and gradually incorporate the flour, the corn flour and the egg yolks, stirring constantly with a whisk. Then pour this mixture into the mixture with the hot milk, straining it first, as shown in the video. Finally, mix well with a whisk until it becomes a nice cream. Immediately after, and when our cream is ready, add the butter, vanilla and continue to mix. Our cream is ready.

Then, let the cream come to room temperature and spread it over our cold kadaifi in the pan. Cover with a cling film and put it in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

We continue, making a whipped cream. After 4 hours have passed, spread it over our dessert.

Finally, sprinkle with pistachios.


Watch the execution of the recipe in the video here

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